Saturday, June 5, 2010

WSO2 Governance Registry Eclipse Tool v1.0.0-beta

WSO2 Governance Registry Eclipse Tool v1.0.0-beta has been released. This is a light weight eclipse plugin which will give you registry functionalities in a very user friendly manner. As a pre-requisite, you need latest version of a running WSO2 Governance Registry in your local machine or in any other remote instance.

Key features :
  • Add different remote registry instances
  • Add, edit, delete collections, resources
  • Add, edit, delete properties, associations, dependencies, comments, tags for a resource or collection
  • Link with editor
  • Add multiple files and folder from file system
  • Import/Export resources and collections
  • Drag/Drop resources and collections
  • Modify permission for a resource, collection
  • Refresh registry
  • View information per resource and collection (properties, dependencies, associations, tags, comments etc)
  • Check-out a collection to local project (both ways)
  • Do changes and commit back to registry, update with registry
  • Show in Registry Browser
  • View versions, restore versions
  • Double click on a resource to open the resource in the relevant editor of eclipse
  • Add, modify, delete users
  • Change role permissions of resource

You can find more details from our project home page.

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