Saturday, October 25, 2008

MOINC (Mora Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)

MOINC ( is our final year project. It is a project which will use the processing power of idle computers to do some task. MOINC consists of three main modules: server core, server manager and MOINC agent. I'm working with the Server Manager module. Server management module is responsible for managing data of the system. Other modules do not do any data saving. For the resource management purpose we use open source tool WSO2 Registry

Responsibilities of Server Manager
User Management
Points Management
History Data Management
Handling Security

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad Story of Dylan

You may wonder what is "Dylan". Dylan is a modern programing language and I'm sure there are plenty of people who may not even heard there is a language called Dylan. It is mainly because Dylan cannot be considered as a successful language and it is hardly used in the current context. Most interestingly it has a kind of sad history.

Dylan was initially developed as a project of Apple. Apple wanted to develop a better programing language for their Apple Newton PDA s. Developing Dylan was initiated in order to achieve that goal. But the project became a failure since it took more time than they expected. Programing was done using C in Apple PDA s instead of Dylan and project was terminated. Then Dylan was developed for Macintosh computers and released Apple Dylan product. Unfortunately that was also became a failure since the developers unable to give any usable product and as a result group was dismantled from Apple.

After the separation from Apple, group joined with Harlequin, famous software company around 1990s and was able to release working compiler and development environment for windows platform. But with the time Harlequin was also split and Dylan was implemented for open source community with some added new features. Open source product of Dylan is called as "Open Dylan"

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