Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today I did my IELTS examination. I did not have time to attend to a course, so what I did was self study. After facing the exam, I felt that even if I attend the classes, thing may not change that much. I only had the reference book borrowed by one of my friend and other resources in the internet.

I'm writing this blog to give some tips that I learnt after facing the exam.

As you may already know, IELTS exam consists of four modules as listening, reading, writing and speaking. In my opinion, hardest parts are listening and reading, so you better prepare more for those parts.

There are plenty of videos in youtube which give u many tips for IELTS. My advice is to do as much as practice tests. Here are some useful links where you can find some practice tests for each module.

so good luck to all !!!

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Mahesh said...

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